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I had so much fun and learned so much…
I had so much fun and learned so much playing with Salama and Azreeeal! I was hard stuck Platinum IV and playing with them I was able to quickly make it to Diamond Rank. I feel so much more confident in my ranked games after playing with them, and would highly recommend Legionfarm!
Legion Farm Pros worth every $
It has been wonderful being able to use professionals with more experience to help improve my gamestyle by improving my situational awareness, and how to properly rotate to take the best position to win gun fights.
This is quite the awesome place
This is quite the awesome place, i've learned and grown so much since I started using the services and actually made friends with several of the Pro's, what a great group of guys and service!
Review about @ezboyeu
Ezboy is a superstar. Absolute madman with a KAR98...cracked. Amazing teamwork. Coached the entire game. High kills. One of my fav gaming sessions ever.
Review about @Szalami1
Really Great to play with as always, Had a blast with him & My friend that was allowed to join us. Always a great time.
Review about @molly
A great player, excellent at on the fly fights, and always picking people out that I might have missed. She can definitely help at improving anyone's gameplay in an easy way. 5/5
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Introducing LegionFarm – the Place Where True Legends Are Born

Welcome to Legionfarm, a website where you can team up with real professional gamers, improve your skills and increase your stats. It’s the place where you can order a personalized session with top-tier players and work on your strats or learn tactics that are used in the tournaments and Apex Legends ranked matches! If you’re tired of nooby random players that do everything they can to ruin your matches, and if your Apex tracker says it’s been a while since you had a good winning streak, then you’re in luck! We’re not just offering you to play together with friendly, skilled teammates. We’re offering you to play with pros. Real pro gamers that are playing the game full-time, staying in touch with all the changes and updates. They know Apex and its mechanics inside out, and you won’t find a better team to climb higher in the Apex ranking system. With us, the possibilities available to you are endless. It doesn’t matter if you’re a returning player who’s looking to get back into the action, learning what’s changed since you’ve been absent and getting into the groove with everybody else, or you’re a meticulous person who cares about every digit on your Apex stats page. Both casual and hardcore players will benefit from our coaching!

Apex Legends Can Be Hard to Keep Up With

Lots of new things have been added to the game in the last season: the new char that can fly, the new weapon that is unlike anything we’ve had so far, and don’t forget all the changes to the weapon mods! All of this created space for new Apex tactics. However, the Apex Legends rating ladder is no place for experiments. It’s where you must be at your best, all the time. So, how are you supposed to learn the new strats and tricks, without losing your place on the ladder? The answer is ­– Apex LFG. All you need is to play with a pro who will show you all the new things and demonstrate how they work. This is called a coaching service – one-on-one sessions with the best Apex Legends players, where you get to learn new tips, tactics and secrets while still ranking up and improving your stats. And let’s not forget the Arenas – a new game mode that got added very recently. It offers a totally different experience altogether. The best way to start learning the new mode is with a team of professional players who already know how it all works. Or, as an alternate option, you can order a personalized session with one of the top-tier players we have on our roster to let them analyze your playstyle, helping you work on both your weaknesses and strengths. That way, you can get a higher Apex rank even when you’re not playing with us!

Legionfarm Service – Created by Gamers For Gamers

The Apex Legends gameplay isn’t the only thing that’s fast-paced. The game evolves rather rapidly itself, and it’s hard to keep up with it. Even if you give yourself a break and do not play even for one month, when you come back, there’s a good chance that a lot of things might throw you off. The constant barrage of events and balance changes keep players on their toes, but it’s actually a double-edged sword. The only people who really know their way around everything the game throws at us all are our Apex Legends pro players. So, it’s okay if you haven’t played in a while and if you struggle to regain your skill. We’re here to help. Our Apex coaching service is a very customizable type of offer. Everything is built around your personal preferences and goals that you wish to achieve with this service. Like we said in the beginning – all kinds of players will be able to get something out of it. And on top of it all, you’ll be playing with really nice and experienced players. Surely, this isn’t something that’s worth selling on its own, but skilled gamers can be especially rude to people who aren’t as good as they are. This is exactly the reason why we’re so proud of having pros who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with everyone. Just sign up here at legionfarm.com and book your session to see it for yourself!

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